4 Reasons Why Your Social Strategy Needs Measurement

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4 Reasons Why Your Social Strategy Needs Measurement

Keri Papili

Senior Community Coordinator

"Accurate data on metrics that matter should influence everything we do."

Social media should NOT be siloed

And other takeaways from Facebook’s Real Measurement Real Results Conference 2017.

A few weeks ago, I woke up before the sun to visit Facebook Headquarters for its Real Measurement, Real Results conference in New York City. After experiencing train delays and torrential downpours, I stepped inside Facebook HQ eager to gain fresh insight and walk away a more confident social marketer.

Here are my top four takeaways from the conference:

1. Social should not by siloed

Social strategy and analytics shouldn’t be separated—they must go hand-in-hand. Before any idea is brainstormed, concept is pitched, or content is created, data should be analyzed and used to inform any next steps. Accurate data on metrics that matter should influence everything we do. What is the goal? What is the objective? Big-picture questions cannot be answered accurately without good data, and a thoughtful measurement framework.

2. Understand what you want to measure

Is it clicks? Conversions? App installs? Before you start measuring, make sure you identify the right metrics—the KPIs that truly drive your brand goals. For example, clicks often aren’t a good proxy for brand results because, according to Facebook, 91% of consumers don’t click on ads. Considering different metrics—like video views, app installs, and others—can also help you identify the one(s) that most closely correlate with your brand goals. There is no single metric that rises above the rest. However, understanding what you want to measure can guide you in the right direction.

3. Play to learn

When data becomes the foundation of your social marketing, you can learn a lot more—and a lot more quickly—when you take an experimental approach. Have fun, test out different strategies, and be sure to measure the results and learn from them. Marry data with creative content to understand what works and what doesn’t. Venture out of your social strategy comfort zone to discover the “why” behind each “what.”

4. Educate yourself

Social media plays an outsized role in digital marketing, and the landscape is changing fast. With the rise of complex algorithms that govern what appears in user’s feeds, “pay to play” expectations, and sophisticated audience targeting, marketers need to constantly educate themselves to stay ahead. Measurement—both the tools that enable it and the lessons it produces—is big part of this education. So don’t be afraid to ask questions, do your research, and dig deeper. Data are the source of the most powerful and actionable insights in marketing—and smart measurement can enable you to harness them.


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