5 Tips for Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media
5 Tips for Your Social Media Strategy

Keri Papili

Social Media Strategist

"Each day, a new trend, platform update or current event could pop up and a brand must quickly and strategically decide if and how to act accordingly."

Social media never sleeps.

Each day, a new trend, platform update or current event could pop up and a brand must quickly and strategically decide if and how to act accordingly. Working in social media, I not only focus on how these “plot twists” could affect our clients’ social media strategies, but I also embrace these changes as opportunities to strengthen the brand-fan relationship on social.

Thanks to curiosity, wonder and research, check out these 5 Fan Engagement Tips for maximized interaction.

1. Real-time Monitoring and Engaging

Timeliness is the key to strong brand-fan relationships. If a fan expresses brand love online, engaging quickly is more meaningful than waiting to react. As a brand, your response loses its value and power with each passing minute. By monitoring and engaging in real-time, you connect with your fans by going the extra mile to make them feel special.

By not engaging in real-time, you may miss honorable mentions by celebrities or social personalities. These mentions, and your responses, could be huge “wins” that only work with timely interaction.

2. Contests and Sweepstakes

People like free stuff. Hosting contests and sweepstakes is a creative way to not only boost brand awareness and gain potential content for the future, but to also reward fans with swag and appreciate their brand loyalty.

What’s the difference? A contest is judging and selecting winners based on the quality of entry; whereas, a sweepstakes is randomly picking winners from a pool of entries.

3. Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach is a growing trend brands are utilizing in their digital marketing strategies. Influencers are individuals who endorse a brand on his or her own social media platforms to promote a product, share a testimonial, etc. Authenticity is key when selecting an influencer to represent your business, because he or she must coincide with your business’ goals and branding in order to make an impact.

Although many influencers are paid, organic influencers also exist. These are your already passionate fans who often post on their social platforms about your company. An innovative way to further strengthen the brand-fan relationship is acknowledging this loyalty by sending free swag.

4. Content Innovation

Social always changes, and so should your content. The last thing you want your content to experience is repetition and stagnation. Switch it up! Experiment with publishing at different times, researching competitors, and testing platform updates (ex: Instagram Stories, GIFs, Boomerang, Cinemagraphs). By pushing boundaries and daring to think bigger and bolder, your content will strengthen and your followers will love you even more.

5. Relevant Posting

Did you know there is a holiday for every day in the year? Whether it’s National Donut Day or National Left Hander’s Day, at least a handful of brands are using these unique opportunities to connect with their fans. However, it is important to understand your business goals and messaging when deciding which trends to jump on, phrases to use, and conversations to join.

Understand your audience and listen to what they say or do. What makes sense for your brand? Just because others embrace an opportunity doesn’t mean it makes sense for you to do so, as well. Your fans will thank you for staying true to your brand and will love it when you do join in when it makes sense.

By adding these fan engagement practices into your social media strategy, you are on your way to a brand-fan relationship that is strong, engaged and unique.