Ever Wonder
What role social media can play in shaping a brand?

appleton Appleton Estate Rum did. So they called Archer.

Driving a brand through social engagement

At this point, most brands we work with have a sense that Social Media Strategy is important. In the case of Appleton Estate, however, our clients were asking for even more. With a need to be efficient, as well as effective, with their spends, they were looking to Archer to see if Social Media could not just reflect the brand identity, but drive it.

Cultivating the love

Before we started saying much, we first listened. Appleton Estate didn't have many fans on Social Media, but for many of those it had, the brand represented fond memories of Caribbean vacations. This was a key strength. There would be a lot more out there like them, Appleton Estate just needed to draw them in. So rather than simply dictate the conversation, we treated Social Media as an opportunity to build an online community where people could come to talk about rum and share information, photos, and stories about enjoying Appleton Estate. We assisted with beautiful imagery, and smartly timed messages.

Appleton drinks

Finding a voice

The nature of Social Media makes it extremely effective for crafting, and showcasing, a brand's voice and personality. For Appleton Estate, neither of these brand essentials was established. We knew their target demos and had a sense of what the brand stood for to them, and what they wanted, relative to the competition. From there, we started crafting.

 Appleton Laptop

Targeted promotions

Targeted promotions helped us build our audience efficiently and effectively. An early Social win came when Appleton Estate ran the "Toast to the Host Sweepstakes" to capitalize on the Holiday Season when premium spirits sales spike. They followed that success with additional targeted promotions based around key demographics and reflective of the brand position, using paid advertising to amplify the reach to grow the community. Here's where efforts to identify and understand the customer better paid off.

Appleton BBQ
Appleton Sweepstakes

The results


Increase in subscribers added to e-newsletter database


Increase in fan engagement


Featured as a
Facebook Case Study

Satisfying a thirst for new content

Content strategy was especially important for Appleton since their products never changed and there wasn't anything "new" to ever really mention. Appleton Estate would have to get creative to fill up a 365-day editorial calendar. We came up with concepts like Rum Week to turn National Rum Day into a weeklong post strategy that celebrated the history of rum. We also created an "Ask The Bartender" series of posts where users could submit questions via post comments to our resident mixologist, Willy Shine. We selected the best ones and used the answers to them as new posts. This helped create a dialogue between the brand and its fans, but also helped create new content.


When style is substance

With Appleton Estate, the imagery was a key to our strategy. How we represented the product, would say as much about how Appleton Estate felt about it as the words chosen. This was a struggle because there weren't many images available. So we created our own; first using the bottle assets and photoshopping them into different environments, and eventually taking our own user-generated style images that were more in line with the target demo and look and feel of Social Media.

Appleton glass
Appleton drink

Additional proof

Though Facebook was the primary focus of our social media efforts, we were also responsible for managing the Appleton Twitter account day to day. Our strategy there was to interact with people tweeting not only about Appleton Estate, but also rum and mixology in general. Through interacting with users and expanding their editorial calendar, Appleton Estate dramatically increased engagement.


Increase in Twitter engagement.

Building from the ground up

In addition to Social Media, Archer assumed responsibilities for the brand's digital properties, ensuring they all reflected the brand's new focus on sophistication and shared experiences.

Appleton Ipad

Sales REP iPad app

Since the story of Appleton Estate Rum had become so critical to the brand's identity, they wanted to make sure they were giving the Sales Reps the best possible way to tell it. We built a dynamic presentation for the iPad that enabled reps to describe the rich heritage of the brand, highlight its finer attributes, showcase some of the more sophisticated product lines, and even demonstrate innovative new ideas around mixology.

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