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MediaPost is known for its thought-provoking industry events that bring important and sometimes controversial topics to the forefront. In February, MediaPost invited Archer to participate in the Online Media, Marketing, and Advertising (OMMA) Data & Behavioral Marketing Attribution Panel. We provided an independent-agency perspective on old and new approaches to the age-old problem of giving credit to the ads that really drive business results.

We sent Matt Wakeman, our Director of Analytics, to debate attribution with a panel of thought leaders from across the advertising industry, including a few former Yahoo! veterans. Several different perspectives were well represented, from third-party data aggregators (MediaBank) to startup real-time DSPs (RocketFuel). The event even mixed in two agencies (Archer and Havas Digital), as well as Dachis Group’s social perspective.

The panel covered the hot issues in digital advertising attribution. Conference attendees learned about data quality issues that everyone faces, the tools that different groups use, and where we are in terms of overall attribution. At the end, each panelist predicted a winner — or loser — in the attribution war.

The panelists weren’t the only ones to speak up. Several client-side representatives stepped forward with really insightful questions, such as how to start the process and what pitfalls to avoid. After the panel ended, a few individuals came up to ask more about case studies and the tradeoffs involved in the different approaches.

While digital advertising is still in the early stages of solving the attribution problem, Archer is excited to help the industry answer the question: "I know half of my advertising is wasted — I just don’t know which half?"

To see Matt provide input to the OMMA panel, watch the recorded broadcast.

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