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Wawa Social
Wawa Social

Managing a Passionate Fan Base

Back in 2009, Wawa was looking to get involved in Facebook, which at the time was a fraction of the size it is today and still evolving its brand Pages. Fast-forward two years and hundreds of posts later, and Wawa is in the top 1% of all Facebook Pages in terms of total “Likes.” Even better, Archer has grown Wawa’s Facebook Page from 0 to almost 1 million passionate Fans.

Our secret?

  • Leverage creative minds from across the agency to develop fresh, engaging content
  • Post that content consistently
  • Monitor page activity constantly
  • Maintain an editorial calendar according to current promotions, time of year, and findings from research and monitoring

Social Keeps Customers Posted

Archer looks to all its employees to help dream up creative ways to fill the Wawa social editorial calendar. We come up with questions to Fans (“What Wawa product would you survive on if you were stranded on a deserted island?” and “If there was a song written about Wawa, what would the title be?”) and build excitement for new product launches and upcoming promotions. Photos, videos, and custom applications tabs (like the “Fans Only” tab, where Fans can access coupons, when available, and sign up for the Wawa eNewsletter) also play a significant role in the success of Wawa’s social following.

To make sure the social community is fun and safe for customers to share their experiences, Wawa and Archer work together to develop processes and technology that address customer service questions and concerns that might arise.

Of course it helps that Wawa’s Fan base is passionate and outspoken. Its Fans generate hundreds of comments and wall posts a week. We even see comments and posts from Fans in areas well beyond Wawa’s core market. Fans constantly post questions and concerns and express their love for their favorite Wawa product.

Who Made it Happen

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