Smoothies Happiness Ambassador

Wawa Smoothies 2011

Wawa Smoothies 2011

Archer Whips Up a Cool Blend for Smoothies Campaign

Fill in the blank: Sizzli is to Shorti as Coffee is to ___________.

The answer? Wawa Smoothie!

Over the years, Wawa has become known for its wide variety of delicious foods and beverages, both hot and cold. One of the most recent to become a favorite is Wawa’s line of frozen beverages, the Smoothies. And who can blame fans for loving this perfect summertime (or anytime) treat? They’re available in so many tasty flavors, from strawberry-banana and lemonade to caramel crème and bananas foster.

Wawa wanted to promote Smoothies in a fun, inviting online campaign, and Archer knew the perfect way to whet its fans’ palates: big, bold product photography and fun, colorful imagery to support it. The variety of fruity flavors took care of the visual execution. We just needed to drive home the campaign messaging, which was twofold: “Freshly Made” and “Happiness in a Cup.”

Archer carried out the Freshly Made message with standard banner ads. The banners playfully depicted different scenarios brought to life through animation. In one banner scenario, fruit ingredients fell from the top of the banner into the cup that resided in the center of the ad. In another banner, a fruit stand dropped into the center space, a blender dropped on top of it, and the fruit followed on down, landing in the blender. Users watched as their Smoothies were “freshly made” right in front of their eyes. Yum.

C’mon Get Happy! Contest Gets Fans to Spread the Cheer

For "Happiness in a Cup" we leveraged the power of social sharing in addition to whimsical banner art. The creative tempted customers with visions of fluffy whipped cream. To get people interacting with the brand, Archer created a contest in which people vied for the “Happiness Ambassador” title and the coveted “Whipped Cream Crown.” To win, users had to register on the contest microsite and gain votes by sharing the contest with friends through email, Twitter, and Facebook. People could vote once a day, and the user with the most votes got to be crowned Happiness Ambassador.

For extra reach, Archer created a mobile version of the Smoothies online campaign, which allowed users to participate on the go.


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