2 for $3 Sizzli


Breakfast Takes Center Stage in Lively Microsite

“2 for $3 Sizzlis” is a limited-time promotion of Wawa’s popular breakfast sandwich, the Sizzli. It’s an exciting deal for Wawa customers, and it deserved an exciting online campaign. So Archer created a microsite with the look and feel of a game show – and even made a game out of it.

When users arrived at the site, big, red stage curtains animated open to reveal a game show set. A game board dropped from the top of the “set,” blinking lights chased around the perimeter of the game board, and product tiles rotated. Archer even added a cheering audience in the foreground to drive home the excitement.

Site Engagement Sizzles

To drive brand engagement, we offered users a chance to interact with the site and get rewarded. Users could click on the game board to select their two favorite Sizzlis (which come in several varieties). Once they chose their two Sizzlis, they filled out a short form to enter for a chance to win a $500 Wawa gift card. We allowed one entry per day so users could return to increase their chances. Archer also developed a mobile version of the Sizzlis microsite so fans could participate on the go.

We made sure the Sizzlis microsite gave fans plenty of other great reasons to come back and enjoy the experience. There was a Sizzli leaderboard so fans could check out the status of their favorite Sizzli. The site also offered Wawa-themed avatars, desktop and mobile wallpapers for users to download.

Leveraging a tasty product, a fun experience, a great prize, and downloadable goodies, Archer helped this campaign drive significant brand engagement and fan participation.

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