Wawa Hot Turkey

Wawa Hot Turkey

Bowl or Roll?Hot Turkey Heats Up in Wawa’s New Look & Feel

Another Thanksgiving was upon us, and Wawa’s Hot Turkey was back. To promote this seasonal fan favorite, Archer created a robust banner campaign and leveraged the power of social media. This particular campaign was especially exciting for both Archer and Wawa because it marked the first time a product was promoted within Wawa’s new look and feel.

Hot Turkey is a seasonal offering timed to delight customers when the weather starts to cool down and their appetites beg for warm, savory comfort food. Therefore, the creative had to convey a feeling of comfort and warmth, and Wawa’s new branding provided a fitting backdrop to accomplish this. The brand attributes put more emphasis on the product through a fresh and inviting approach.

Banner imagery consisted of large product shots, allowing a peak at the ingredients that make Hot Turkey so popular – gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and/or cranberry sauce, depending on how you order it. The tagline “Warm Up From the Inside,” combined with embellishments like steam rising from the top of the product shots further drove home the banners’ warm, appetizing feel.

Bowl, Roll, or Gobbler? Archer Lets Fans Decide

Facebook provided an additional way to get fans excited for Hot Turkey. With more than 800,000 likes (and growing) on Wawa’s Facebook page, Archer knows this fan base. Wawa’s fans are loyal and they are vocal – so we already knew they enjoy this product. The challenge this time was to successfully promote Hot Turkey to fans who are already familiar with it. The answer was to engage them with inquisitive, conversational posts about Hot Turkey. We mentioned aspects like ingredients, the season, and price point and invited fans to share their responses.

Archer took it a step further by leveraging the ways Hot Turkey is served in a “Bowl or Roll” voting challenge. We asked fans to vote for their favorite way to enjoy Hot Turkey – in a Hot To-Go bowl, on a Shorti roll, in the Thanksgiving-inspired Gobbler hoagie, or all three. We created a custom tab where users could vote, and upon clicking submit, they could view current standings. Fans could also post their vote on their Facebook wall and share it with friends.

Archer collected the votes and displayed the poll results on the Bowl or Roll tab. The level of participation showed that Wawa’s fans love their Hot Turkey, and as the polls show, most of them love it in a bowl!

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