Hoagiefest 2011

Hoagiefest 2011

Wawa Hoagiefest 2011

Peace, Love, and Mobile Technology

Summer 2011 was around the corner, and fans were waiting. They were hungry. They were ready to flock to Wawas everywhere for the event that offers their favorite Shorti hoagie at a reduced price. That’s right, folks, Hoagiefest was back.

For this, our fourth Hoagiefest, Archer didn’t shy away from all the great things that made the campaign so popular in previous years. We simply did what we always do – we built on it, we added to it, we made it better. We made it more accessible to more people on more devices. We made it…mobile!

Tapping Into the Broad Reach of Mobile

2011 was the year for mobile and mobile engagement. The introduction of mobile allowed us to reach a broader audience. In fact, mobile advertising pushed more than 20% of all Hoagiefest campaign traffic.

However, Archer had to make a few adjustments to the well-loved microsite Hoagiefest.com. The site continued to anchor our online strategy, but we changed the web design to be more responsive. We took away Flash so both Web and mobile users could access it and enjoy the same experience.

The best-of-breed experience maintained the rich, animated, fanciful feel of Hoagiefest that fans had come to love; only this time, it was built with HTML 5/CSS 3 and parallax scrolling. With this scrolling feature, the 2011 site gave the effect of objects in the distance moving at a slower rate than those that are right in front of you. Lively, colorful animations of birds, clouds, airplanes, and other fun objects seemed to whiz by as the user “floated” down the page.

Archer Asks Fans: "Where's HoagieMan?"

The new design wasn’t the only element mixing things up in 2011. While social and sharing continued to be a cornerstone of the overall campaign, Archer created a highly engaging new contest and upped the ante on our media plan.

The “Where’s HoagieMan” contest asked Wawa fans to print a picture of HoagieMan’s face, decorate it, affix it to a stick, and take a photograph of the face in all sorts of real-life scenarios. Participants could submit their photos for entry into the contest.

Our media plan leveraged high-impact video and music sites like Hulu and Pandora. Fans could visit these sites, in addition to Facebook and YouTube, for access to all the great original Hoagiefest songs and videos, as well as the winning song and video contest submissions.

Who Made it Happen

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