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Wawa Beverage BottleArcher Rolls Out Responsive Site Redesign for Wawa

Since its first redesign in 2007, Wawa.com has become a powerful marketing tool, growing to half a million visits every month. In addition, the brand has shifted its focus to campaigns and the quality and breadth of Wawa’s fresh food and beverage offerings. With traffic increasing and the brand evolving, Wawa.com was in need of another redesign.

Design for all devices

Each month, mobile and tablet traffic to the site increases significantly, so one of the key initiatives of the redesign was to offer a robust experience on all devices. The site also needed to accommodate frequent changes in campaigns and product offerings. To address these needs, Archer designed the site to be fully responsive. In other words, we built one website that automatically adapts to the size of the device or screen the user is viewing. The content of the site can now be updated quickly and easily to reflect new, seasonal, or promotional products.

Convenience rules: One-stop website for a one-stop shop

Wawa.com has become the destination for the store’s campaigns. In the past, we created microsites to promote each campaign. Now users are directed to Wawa.com, where they can find information about special deals and product offerings, search for a store, shop online for merchandise, apply for a job, and more. Sending users to one place creates a holistic experience, allowing them to engage with the brand in one destination instead of multiple sites with different goals and purposes.

Wawa’s new focus on fresh food, quality ingredients, and great customer service also meant that customers needed to know more about the products. To accomplish this, Archer revamped the ”Fresh Food” and ”Coffee & Beverages” channels, bringing beautiful photographs of products and ingredients to the forefront. We also expanded the content in these sections, which now show the full variety of Wawa hoagies, breakfast offerings, beverages, and more.

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