A Freshly Made Website for a Well-Loved Brand

Archer had the challenge of taking the Wawa brand online and into the thousands of Wawa conversations already happening on the web. The marketing had to be both fun and functional, and campaigns had to drive people to the stores in a measurable way. Above all, everything had to fit with the Wawa brand that its customers hold so dear.

We started with getting to know user needs. Archer surveyed internal stakeholders, customers, and vendors. We then added a custom analytics platform to measure current site performance and most visited content areas.

Now Serving: Simple Navigation, Rich Imagery, eCommerce, and More

Archer’s research findings helped establish how to present featured content and main site navigation. The home page showcases Wawa’s current promotions, featured products, new items, and special events through a Flash-animated module. In addition, product photography appears all over the site. Our artists enhance each product shot with rich, colorful, imaginative creative treatments.

Main navigation starts with an “About Us” section that pays homage to Wawa’s rich history in the region. The “Fresh Food” and “Coffees & Beverages” sections dive into Wawa’s extensive food and beverage menu, including its famous self-serve coffee and Built-to-Order hoagies.

The “Nutrition” section houses the Wawa Meal Builder. Using this tool, site visitors can customize a meal of Wawa products to fit their nutritional needs. Once the user completes a meal, the Builder generates a comprehensive report that includes the meal’s nutritional content and ingredients.

The “Shop Online” section allows customers near and far to purchase their favorite Wawa gear (t-shirts, coffee, gift cards, and more) online. Wawa is all business when it comes to eCommerce. Archer’s PCI-compliant site drove dramatic increases in Wawa merchandise and continues to thrive.

Some Brands Have Fans. Wawa Has Fanatics!

With such a die-hard fan base, it was imperative that Wawa.com get social. Every page presents users with an opportunity to check out (and hopefully “Like”) Wawa’s Facebook Page and view Wawa videos on YouTube.  The “Get Connected” section provides additional channels for Wawa fans to mingle with the brand. Every user who signs up to receive the Wawa eNewsletter and/or becomes a fan of its Facebook page enjoys “fans only” access to promotions and coupons.

And all of that is just what you see! Below the surface, Archer built the site in .Net using WebParts for tie-in to future SharePoint integration initiatives. The website utilizes a custom CMS, banner management, and eCommerce applications. Archer also developed a slimmed-down mobile version of Wawa.com so customers could find Wawa information on the go.

Archer completely re-architected, re-designed, and re-built Wawa.com from the ground up. Personas were developed, the architecture was laid out, and an award-winning design was applied. Our efforts helped increase site traffic by 300%, and since launch Wawa.com has become a cornerstone of online marketing initiatives.

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