Wawa Coffeetopia

Coffeetopia: A Microsite with Mo-JOE

Wawa and its fans are passionate about coffee. Did you know they serve over 195 million cups of coffee a year? Wawa’s diverse coffee lineup includes light roasts, dark roasts, and even a rotating selection of featured brews from all over the world. Throw in all the flavored creamers, milks, and sweeteners that Wawa offers, and you have more than 400,000 possible combinations!

With numbers that impressive, this coffee deserved to be featured in its very own space – its very own microsite. So that’s what Archer did, and we called it Wawa Coffeetopia.

User Engagement, Social Sharing Create a Buzz

The first year of Wawa Coffeetopia centered on the vast number of coffee combinations Wawa offered. To engage customers and spread the word about Wawa coffee, Archer developed a fun tool that allowed fans to create a virtual version of their perfect cup of coffee, name it, and upload it to share with friends.

Building on the success of the virtual cup of coffee, the microsite then offered fans the ability to create “latte art masterpieces” and take a three-question quiz that generated a user’s “coffee personality,” or “coffeeality.”

Using these tools, users created more than 500,000 virtual cups of coffee, latte art masterpieces, and coffeealities. Wawa fans were eager to share their passion, too. More than 20% of overall site traffic was from sharing via email or on social networks.

In 2010 Wawa transitioned from the traditional glass coffee pots to new thermal carafes. The new carafes help keep coffee fresher, hotter, and tastier for all Wawa’s passionate coffee drinkers.

Archer leveraged to get the word out about Wawa’s new carafe system. We added content that explained how the carafes work and reinforced Wawa’s commitment to the quality of their coffee.

An Animated Passport Takes Coffee Lovers Around the World

Coffeetopia also provided the perfect forum to showcase Wawa’s World Brew campaign – a celebration of coffees from all over the world. For the World Brew section of the microsite, Archer created an animated passport with pages that provide a description of the coffee flavor and turns the pages upon clicking.

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