Wawa CAT Redesign


Building Wawa’s New CAT System to OrderWawa Ciabatta Melt

Wawa partnered with Archer to bring their new “Fresh & Inviting” branding strategy in-stores, starting with the CAT screens and ordering flows. Technically referred to as “Customer Activated ordering Terminal,” or CAT, the system is an essential part of the in-store experience, allowing customers to create Built-to-Order® hoagies, smoothies, breakfast bowls, and more.

Working with the Wawa marketing team, Archer’s designers revamped the existing system’s text-heavy displays with vibrant new imagery of the actual products and their ingredients. Our production team focused on transforming the finished designs into hundreds of buttons, headers, and templates, which were then handed off for authoring and implementation to the CAT machines.

New designs were rolled out to test stores to garner customer feedback and monitor system performance. Once feedback was addressed and the system optimized, the new CAT touch screens were launched in all stores, with an overwhelmingly positive response from customers and associates. The redesign succeeded in showcasing the new branding and products, reorganizing screen flows, and still maintaining the ease, convenience, and familiarity that Wawa customers have come to expect.

Wawa CAT Full Screen Detail

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