Wawa $1 Coffee

Wawa $1 Coffee

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$1 Coffee: Grounds for Online Success

Building on the success of the 2011 campaign, Wawa again offered customers the best coffee deal of the year – a chance to warm up with any size and variety of coffee for just $1. Archer created a four-week-long banner campaign, including integration with Facebook and a takeover of Wawa’s online store locator.

Coffee is core to Wawa’s business, but also presents an extremely cluttered category of competitors and deals. Our creative team needed to ensure that Wawa’s terrific offer was clearly communicated and stood out from the pack.

To convey the two central messages of the campaign – any size and any variety – banner imagery consisted of the three sizes of cups offered at Wawa and copy focused primarily on the many coffee varieties. And, of course, the $1 price-point was the star of this show.

Coffee Takes Over, and Facebook Conversations Brew

Because Wawa lovers can’t purchase their $1 coffee online, we needed to get creative with where we drove click-thrus from our banner campaign. We employed two destinations – a custom tab on the Wawa Facebook Page and the Wawa online store locator.

For the first time, we took over the much-loved and widely used online store locator on Wawa.com. With more than 550,000 visits each year, the locator is a helpful tool for Wawa enthusiasts looking for a Wawa store near them. To reinforce the $1 Coffee campaign to these visitors, we seized the opportunity to take over all of the assets on the Locations page of Wawa.com and feature the sizes and varieties of coffee offered.

Our $1 Coffee custom Facebook tab did more than reinforce the offer – it gave Wawa a new venue to talk with customers about the depth and breadth of its coffee options. Plus, it provided an easy way for Wawa’s more than 800,000 Fans to rally around their favorite Wawa variety – enabling Fans to post their favorite coffee variety to their own Wall, along with a personal message to friends.

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