Vikingfjord Vodka Break the Ice Sweepstakes

Vikingfjord Vodka Break the Ice Sweepstakes

VikingfjordArcher Breaks the Ice for Vikingfjord Vodka USA

In June 2012, the official Facebook page for Vikingfjord Vodka, the first vodka in Kobrand Corporation’s portfolio, went live with a small base of just 100 fans.

In this highly competitive and cluttered category, Kobrand wanted to stand out from the crowd, so it launched a sweepstakes campaign to build awareness and drive Likes for the page.

Together, Kobrand and Archer developed the Break the Ice Sweepstakes, inviting Fans to Like the Vikingfjord Vodka USA page and enter for the chance to win exciting prizes.

The coldest Vodka, the hottest prizes

To help distinguish Vikingfjord from other vodka brands on Facebook, Archer created a sweepstakes platform with a unique prize structure. As Likes accumulated, prizes were revealed (or “broken”) from virtual ice blocks one by one throughout the sweepstakes. Fans were also encouraged to share the promotion with their friends in order to increase the number of prizes being awarded and earn more chances to win.

Facebook “Like” ads promoted the campaign over the course of two weeks. Ads were targeted to Vikingfjord’s core target market, which includes men aged 25 to 34 who are the life of the party and enjoy having a good time. To optimize the ad budget and overall reach, Archer’s social media team monitored daily ad performance and adjusted the plan throughout the entry period to run only the ads that were getting the best results and the lowest cost per click.

More than 50 prizes were featured in the ads and awarded to lucky Fans. Archer and Kobrand strategically selected prizes that were attractive to their target audience and could enhance any social event. These prizes included hot items like iTunes gift cards, Bose docking stations, HDTVs, and iPads.

2 Weeks and 18,000 Fans Later...

Less than two weeks after the sweepstakes launched, the Vikingfjord Vodka USA Facebook page had grown by 18,000 fans, blowing away the team’s expectations and Kobrand’s goals for its first promotion. Archer continues to see engagement grow on a weekly basis, as Fans get to know Vikingfjord, "The World’s Coldest Vodka."Vikingfjord

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