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Vikingfjord VodkaVikingfjord Vodka USA Goes Social

As Vikingfjord Vodka prepared to make an entrance into the U.S. market from its native Norway, they looked to Archer to help raise awareness of their brand through a social presence, starting with Facebook. Together, Archer and Vikingfjord launched the “Vikingfjord Vodka USA” Facebook page, devoted to building brand awareness and establishing an online community where vodka enthusiasts could share information, photos, and how much they enjoy Vikingfjord.

Finding the “Voice of Vikingfjord Vodka USA”

Archer was faced with a unique challenge when developing the “Voice” of Vikingfjord Vodka USA. To set the tone of their social presence, it was essential that the “Voice” be relevant to their target audience (males aged 28 to 35) while keeping in line with the brand’s identity. However, both of these key pieces were still evolving as the vodka made its way into the U.S. market. To begin the process of creating the brand voice, we combed through minimal market research available to better understand the target demographic.

As the brand voice evolved, we created an editorial calendar and imagery to support Vikingfjord’s stance as “The World’s Coldest Vodka.” Upon pushing the page live, we began sharing content daily, making sure all posts were relevant and true to the Vikingfjord brand. Content covers a variety of topics, including cocktail recipes, holidays, photo albums, current events, and upcoming events sponsored by Vikingfjord.

Now that the new Facebook Timeline pages have become standard for brands, we include images in the brand look and feel whenever possible to be sure Vikingfjord stands out as fans peruse their newsfeeds. Archer and Vikingfjord will continue to work to increase Vikingfjord's social presence through engaging posts, sweepstakes, and Facebook ad campaigns.

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