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U-Store-It, a well-known self-storage service with locations nationwide, was looking for an easy-to-use interface for their pilot in-store kiosk. The kiosk served to give U-Store-It’s customer base (made up of residential and commercial customers) a convenient way to make payments and interact with the U-Store-It brand. Archer was tasked with creating a simple user experience and design for the kiosk.

Archer wanted the experience to be as innovative and attention grabbing as the kiosk itself. We designed the home screen to look like an actual U-Store-It storage unit, and all sub-screens depict variations of that concept. From the home screen, users have three options: give feedback, make a payment, or view tutorials.

Give Feedback: Displays a quick survey about the customer’s experience with U-Store-It. Survey results allow U-Store-It to continually analyze user feedback and make improvements to their services.

Make a Payment: Provides customers a quick, easy way to make payments, view activity, and manage their U-Store-It account.

View Tutorials: Plays video tutorials on how to use the many services that U-Store-It offers so that customers can maximize their experience.

For the build, Archer worked closely with U-Store-It’s third-party technology vendor throughout the front-end development process. U-Store-It launched the pilot kiosk in select locations throughout the country.

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