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The Farmer and The ChefFood, Folks, & Fund-raising

In its fourth year, March of Dimes’ The Farmer & The Chef event was bigger and better than ever! Archer again lent its time and talent to promote this worthy cause, refreshing the event website and creating a new mobile voting experience. The annual fund-raiser serves to spread awareness of the March of Dimes, create solid relationships between local farmers and chefs, and promote good health and strong communities.

After the incredible success of the main event held in Wilmington, Delaware, the March of Dimes added a second event in 2012 in Millsboro, Delaware. Farmers and chefs in both regions came together to offer up their delicious dishes and compete for the votes of attendees.

Archer’s original hand-drawn illustrations and vibrant, earthy colors were again updated to keep the website looking and feeling as fresh as the food served at the event. We continued to highlight important details about the event, such as the date, time, location, the entertainment lineup, and participating farmers, chefs, sponsors, and partners.

Archer cooks up a mobile voting site

Voting has always been a significant part of this event, with the top earning dishes receiving recognition at the event and on the website. In addition to the traditional physical votes, 2012 brought mobile voting, via a mobile website that Archer created. Each site visitor had three votes to cast for the farmer and chef teams they found most delectable.

This year also marked the first time we leveraged social media to further spread awareness about The Farmer & The Chef. Archer created a Facebook Page on which we posted event details, fun facts, and photos to keep Fans informed and excited about the event. We update the Page throughout the year to promote other March of Dimes events and the overall mission behind this charitable cause.

As always, Archer team members enjoyed this year’s events and were excited to continue support of the March of Dimes and local agriculture.

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