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Archer Helps SunGard Customers See IT

SunGard is one of the world’s leading providers of software, information technology, and business continuity solutions to four business spheres: availability services, financial systems, higher education and K-12 education, and the public sector. Its 17,000 employees serve more than 25,000 customers in more than 70 countries.

Whenever you make an ATM transaction, review your 401(k) statement, make a trade, or need backup when disaster strikes, chances are that SunGard’s technology and services are behind-the-scenes. With such a broad range of high technology offerings to several different audiences, SunGard looked to Archer to create a highly efficient, engaging website solution to present its services and systems.

Virtual City Brings Technology to the Forefront

The result was SunGard City, a virtual city that users experienced immediately upon entering the site. To bring SunGard’s services out from behind-the-scenes and illustrate how they are truly “all around us,” Archer’s design included several elements you’d expect to find in a city – buildings, people, vehicles, and more. Users could click on a building or other part to learn more about the particular SunGard service relevant to that item. (For example, clicking on the NASDAQ building revealed a brief overview about SunGard’s financial services business as well as a path to richer content in the Financial Services section.)

Archer built SunGard City using Flash to really drive home the activity of a bustling city. For added movement, we used video for the people walking around the city. Filter effects, easing, and masks round out the transitions, with 3D providing depth. In addition, XML was used for content manageability and easy updating.

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