Foundation Website Redesign

Shane Victorino Foundation

Archer and Victorino Team Up for Local Youth

Philadelphia Phillies star center fielder Shane Victorino (aka “The Flyin’ Hawaiian”) is a local hero with a big heart. He founded the Shane Victorino Foundation (SVF) to help connect underprivileged youth in Hawaii and Philadelphia with educational and recreational programs and opportunities.

Archer redesigned the SVF website to help give it a stronger online presence. The redesign had to clearly communicate the SVF mission, information about fund-raising events, and how to donate to the worthy cause.

A Polished Look, Easy Navigation, and CMS

Archer updated the website’s look and feel using photos of the SVF kids, events, and locations, along with bright colors and an easy-to-use interface. To improve the donation process, we gave the “Donate” button prominence on the home page and streamlined the steps to donate. We implemented a smart content management system so that site updates (news and events, photos, and other information) could be made with ease.

A Social Media Double Play

We leveraged popular social media channels Facebook and YouTube for more opportunities to reach the public. SVF’s Facebook page content promotes information about upcoming events as well as details and photos about past events. The page also includes a “Donate” tab through which Fans can easily donate to the cause.

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