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From Our Labs to Theirs: Science Center Gets a New Website

The University City Science Center is an expansive, first-of-its-kind research park located in Philadelphia’s University City neighborhood. Science Center provides cutting-edge research and lab facilities and other services to many different individuals (entrepreneurs and scientists) and groups (start-up and established businesses) in the technology sector.

The organization enlisted Archer to redesign its primary marketing website, The site had to showcase Science Center’s broad spectrum of offerings and reach its diverse group of audiences. It also had to echo the Science Center’s collaborative spirit, innovative mission, and modern metropolitan backdrop.

Personas Help Define the Audience

We started with defining the target audiences. Archer performed a thorough user experience exercise to determine the site’s information hierarchy and strategy based on the audience groups. We then developed personas to reflect the main types of audiences that would seek information on the site and benefit from it.

There was another important group we had to consider during this phase: Science Center’s stakeholders. Archer held sessions to garner feedback from stakeholders. We used the feedback to ensure that the plan for the new site – the content and hierarchy of information – met all of Science Center’s business goals.

Rich Imagery, Streamlined Content, and a Mobile Version

Archer’s discoveries led to a new, streamlined We built the site on a WordPress platform, which offers an easy-to-use content management system that our client’s internal teams can make changes when necessary.

The new site presents information in a highly organized fashion. On the home page, photos of Science Center’s people and facilities rotate, each image with its own historical or statistical fact about the prestigious research park. Main navigation lines the top of the central image area, providing the site’s audiences (current and future staff, researchers, scientists, and partners, as well as the public) with convenient access to the information they’re seeking. Six additional content buckets appear below the main content area and lead the way to more details about key topics, from entrepreneur programs to the latest news and events.

For added user convenience and audience reach, Archer developed a mobile version of We worked with Science Center to determine the three most popular sections of the primary website, “About Us,” “Contact Us,” and “News & Events”, which now make up the main navigation of the mobile site.

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