Prudential Mobile UX Best Practices Guide


Archer Guides Prudential’s Mobile Best Practices

Ranked #55 on the 2012 Fortune 500, Prudential delivers a broad array of products and solutions to both individuals and organizations worldwide. Prudential embraces the latest technologies to connect with its diverse audience. Digital is at the forefront, and the various lines of business work daily to ensure that customers can interact with the organization in the most convenient, streamlined fashion.

Logically, mobile and tablet technologies provide the perfect platform to connect with customers whenever and wherever possible. But these technologies present an intricate landscape of hardware and operating systems. Prudential sought to define best practices for the lines of business to utilize as they formulate their respective approaches. These technologies play a leading role in customer interaction, and establishment of best practices was essential.

Prudential partnered with Archer to produce a mobile user experience (UX) best practices guide to be used as a reference across all lines of business. The guide outlines in-depth mobile website and native application standards and recommendations from a UX perspective, with supporting best practice visual examples. The guide focuses on the iOS and Android platforms while also covering recommendations that bridge both platforms and how to address the increasingly complex mobile platform landscape.

The mobile user experience best practices guide includes platform-specific best practices for navigation, search, actions and controls, text entry and forms, content, images, video, and gestures. In addition, the guide covers strategic user experience topics such as understanding the mobile context, when to develop a mobile web site vs. a native application, and how to maintain consistency across a suite of mobile sites and applications, which support Prudential's need to create a mobile strategy that spans multiple mobile initiatives.

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