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Making the Net Work for Tens of Thousands

The Archer Group developed an intranet portal that would help Pfizer engage and connect its global manufacturing employees. There had been dozens of existing intranets across the organization, each of which was equipped with different technologies, interfaces, content, and more.

Therein laid the challenge: How do you standardize and create one platform for everyone?

Archer listened, learned, and built something special.

An Intranet for the People, By the People

The first step in building a lasting solution was to understand the user. Archer interviewed Pfizer global manufacturing colleagues about their daily tasks, what they liked and disliked about their existing intranet, and ways to improve it.

Next was getting people to buy in. “I’m from corporate” and “I’m here to help” are two phrases that employees seemed to dread when used together. To help ease their minds, Archer created a microsite that educated users about the goals of the new intranet and informed them of the project’s progress. The microsite also bridged the gap of time between employee interviews and portal completion.

The final product consists of an engaging, easy-to-use design, with warm colors that vary according to team. Interview responses helped us determine each team’s main content needs, and we employed quick links to drive users to that content. The interface is tabbed for easy navigation and promotes collaboration with other teams.

Click Your Mouse, Travel the Globe

Archer added custom Flash applications and videos to educate Pfizer colleagues on the location, staffing, leadership, and languages spoken at Pfizer sites around the world. In particular, the slick, interactive Locations Map gives users the ability to view Pfizer’s many locations across the globe. They can view locations at a glance, or they can delve deeper by clicking on a location pin, which reveals a modal that lists more information. Needless to say, this portal’s extensive backend needs require a robust management system, so we implemented the enterprise solution software WebSphere.

Archer met the challenge of organizing and upgrading hundreds of legacy applications and intranets into one portal – a must-have for a world-class intranet solution. We gave Pfizer manufacturing colleagues a single source for tools and information. Colleagues flocked to the new portal and continue to rave about its efficiency.

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