Herr’s Social

Herr's Social

Archer Helps Herr’s Become Yours on Facebook

Herr’s, a 65-year-old snack company with a strong following in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., had a very small digital footprint and was looking for a way to expand their brand’s web presence. In particular, they wanted to develop an online community where customers from all over the country could come together and talk about Herr’s products and also have direct access to the brand.

In other words, Herr’s wanted to get social, and Archer helped make it happen.

Building a Fan Base from Scratch

First, Archer created a Herr’s Page on Facebook. As we watched the user base slowly but steadily grow, we were also getting a feel for the content users wanted to see. After a few months and several thousand new “Likes,” Herr’s decided a promotion would be a fun, effective way to help spread the word about their Page, continue growing the Fan base, and reward those Fans at the same time.

Herr’s Sweepstakes: Win a Prize, and Eat It, Too!

In a 6-month span, Archer concepted, designed, and executed two sweepstakes that lived entirely on Facebook. The key was developing prizes that would entice true Herr’s Fans to the Page, not just users looking to score a prize. The grand prize for the first sweepstakes was a year’s worth of Herr’s snacks for a year; secondary prizes included a variety of Herr’s products. The second sweepstakes celebrated Herr’s 65th anniversary, so they gave away 65 of the popular Herr’s Snack Truck boxes filled with bags of snacks.

To promote the sweepstakes, Archer created a variety of Facebook ads targeted to users who expressed interest in snacks and related products. We made sure to test several creative and copy variations to constantly optimize the ad campaign and maximize spend.

40,000+ Herr’s Fans Socialize Over Chips and Dip

Through the use of engaging content, highly targeted Facebook ads, two promotional sweepstakes, and organic sharing, Archer was able to drive new Likes at a rate of around 60% less than industry average. More important, the Herr’s Page attracted 35,000 new Likes. Now the Page boasts 40,000 Likes, and per-post engagement continues to soar as loyal Fans discuss new products and old favorites and share information about where to buy Herr’s snacks.

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