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Archer Gets a Case of the Warm-Fuzzies

W.L. Gore & Associates, makers of the waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex® fabrics and outerwear products, teamed with Archer to develop and launch www.GiveAWarmFuzzy.com. This online portal was part of Gore’s larger “Give a Warm Fuzzy, Get a Warm Fuzzy” campaign, which aimed to raise awareness and financial support for three respected outdoors organizations – Big City Mountaineers, Continental Divide Trail Alliance, and the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition.

GiveAWarmFuzzy.com offered its visitors a fun, easy way to contribute to the charities and win great prizes. The site’s message to users was simple: Spend time on GiveAWarmFuzzy.com and Gore would make a donation to one of the three charities on the user’s behalf.

Points Accumulate, Petals Grow, and Charities Thrive

There were several ways for users to make donations through the site. Gore made a donation for every user who registered on the site. From there, users could collect “points” for the charity of their choice. Points were earned through an educational game and/or by inviting friends to register on the site (whether through social sharing or email invite). Users also had the option to donate cash ($10, $20, or $25).

Users were driven to the site through banner ads, emails, and promos on Gore-Tex.com as well as through the campaign’s offline materials. To maintain fan excitement, Archer created robust visuals for the point system, including a dashboard (or leaderboard) that displayed each charity’s point tally and progress. A virtual dandelion served to show a user’s “network” – every time a user added a friend, the dandelion grew another petal.

Gore donated the largest contribution to the charity that generated the most points. As an additional thank you, campaign participants were entered to win free WINDSTOPPER® warm and fuzzy products, including scarves, headbands, jackets, and t-shirts.

At campaign’s end, nearly 2 million points were generated, more than 2,000 Gore-Tex product prizes awarded, and three very special organizations benefitted.

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