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Gore-Tex Inside Tour

Archer Brings Outside Inside for the Know What’s Inside Tour

Gore, the makers of the innovative GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® outerwear products, was sponsoring a unique and exciting promotional campaign called “Know What’s Inside.” The campaign revolved around the “Know What’s Inside” Tour, designed to promote GORE-TEX products by providing the ultimate experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

The tour traveled around the country with a mobile extreme-weather test chamber. At each stop, people were invited to step inside the chamber to test the GORE-TEX “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” promise – and experience rainfall up to 22 inches per hour, whipping winds at speeds of up to 32 miles per hour, and simulated bolts of thunder and strobes of lightning.

Guaranteed to Keep You…Engaged

The tour packed some serious “wow factor,” and Archer developed an online experience to match. We knew this tour would easily attract visitors offline. (Everyone wanted to test out the weather generator – we certainly did!) The question was how do we keep the excitement so alive, so extreme, after the fact? Even if users, whether current GORE-TEX loyalists or potential customers, didn’t experience the weather generator first-hand, Archer had to present what they missed as up close and personal as possible.

Click, Explore, and View Video of the Tour

Archer decided to showcase the tour and all its moving parts through a fun sitelet, built within the GORE-TEX main site. We filled the sitelet with all the cool stuff that was happening during the cross-country adventure. Site visitors could click and explore the weather test chamber and find out if the tour was stopping in their neck of the woods along the way.

The Know What’s Inside sitelet also gave users the opportunity to view and even share videos of themselves or people within the chamber. The sharing feature successfully drove more traffic online and offline.

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