The Farmer & The Chef

The Farmer and the Chef

Archer Draws in Support for a Worthy Cause

Every year Archer happily lends its resources to The Farmer & The Chef event website to support the March of Dimes and the agriculture industry here in Delaware. The fund-raiser serves to spread awareness of the March of Dimes and create solid relationships between local farmers and chefs, all to promote good health and strong communities.

Archer developed the website for The Farmer & The Chef to help promote this worthy cause. We admire the premise and creativity behind the event so much that we refresh the site’s design each year as the celebration draws closer.

Hand-drawn illustrations and vibrant, earthy colors reflect the event’s natural, grassroots feel. Simple top navigation makes it easy for users find important details about the event, such as the date, time, location, the entertainment lineup, and participating farmers, chefs, sponsors, and partners. The site also provides information about the March of Dimes and event sponsors and partners.

Social Sharing: A Recipe for Brand Awareness

To get the public excited and involved in the event, the site invites users to submit their own recipes, read The Farmer & The Chef blog, and view a gallery of photos from past years’ events. To help spread the word, visitors can share the event with other farmers and chefs.

Most of us Archers attend The Farmer & The Chef event each year, and each year it gets bigger and better!

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