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Archer Revamps Delta Dental Arkansas Site to Insure Success

Delta Dental is the country’s largest and most experienced dental benefits carrier, providing dental coverage to more than 54 million people in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Their Arkansas chapter looked to Archer to help migrate their existing website from a classic ASP environment to a more robust .Net architecture. In the process, Archer was able to pinpoint other opportunities to improve the site’s overall user experience — particularly, architecture, usability, and design.

To start, Archer conducted research through web analytics and online surveys. We looked to Delta Dental’s internal stakeholders as well as the customers who use their site regularly (members, employers, and healthcare providers) to provide feedback on ways to improve the existing website. From the research, we identified key opportunities and worked with the client to prioritize. One major consideration was finding a better starting point for users — a streamlined dashboard that makes it easy for different user types to find the information and tools specific to their needs.

Archer prioritized the site content, bringing links to the most relevant information front and center on the home page and dashboard. Immediately upon visiting the home page, members can quickly and easily locate providers who carry Delta Dental insurance, view the different dental plans available, and find information to help them understand and manage the complex world of dental insurance.

Something to Smile About: Navigating Dental Insurance Gets Easier

All user types benefitted from the dashboard concept Archer created for the revamped site. Once registered, a user can log in to a secure account, which leads to his or her dashboard. The dashboard provides information tailored to the user type. Members can manage their benefits, track payments, and check current and past claims. Employers can manage online billing and eligibility, and providers can quickly check the status of claims and submissions. Archer also created a clean, friendly design that was unique from other Delta Dental member company sites as well as their competitors’ but still adhered to Delta Dental brand standards. Colors and imagery kept the site within brand standards, but Archer’s new approach to site architecture and content hierarchy set the look and feel apart from others in the industry. The new simplified experience proved successful for overall site performance, ultimately increasing utilization and making it much easier for users to stay on track with their dental insurance.

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