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Warner Bros. and DC Comics had just joined forces to create, market, and release a DVD series of animated original movies featuring their wildly popular comic book characters. They wanted their marketing efforts to include a strong web presence, and Archer and Silicon Ridge partnered to make that happen. Through a multi-site strategy and social and email initiatives, Archer was able to drive a high level of user engagement on the web and increase sales of these exciting DVD releases.

Pow! Crack! Bam! It’s Microsite Mania!

Aware that there would be multiple releases, Archer started by creating the consumers’ first touch point, DCUniverse.com. Here we developed a Flash microsite rich with animations, content, and teasers to whet the appetites of this passionate fan base – and capture the attention of the more casual fans of comics and adventure. Users could also enter sweepstakes and sign up for updates to be the first to know when a new title was being released.

We felt that a single microsite wouldn’t be enough to capture the depth of stories so steeped in heroism, adventure, and American culture in general. Stories this big deserved their own space, so Archer created a rich microsite for each title. Each site offered fans a preview of the movie, its release date, background information about the story and characters, news, photos, and wallpapers and other fun downloads.

Holy Fandom, Batman

For comic book “die-hards” we delved even deeper, creating a social experience unlike any other at the time. MySpace and Facebook offered the perfect forum to get fans interacting with the brand and with each other. We published custom content and items on the social networks that they couldn’t get anywhere else. Directors chatted, characters talked. Fans of all ages enjoyed.

Wonder Woman took it even further. Archer created a custom Facebook app and website experience for fans to “track” the Amazon Princess and her invisible jet. Fans were able to upload “sightings” (in the form of photos they created themselves) and link those sightings to their locations. The most inventive submissions won prizes and accolades from their friends, families, and other Wonder Woman fans.

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