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CSNPhilly, the premier regional sports network for the Philadelphia metro area and charter member of Comcast SportsNet, leaned on Archer to help drive user engagement on its website and, ultimately, increase viewership for their television programming. In particular, CSNPhilly aimed to enhance their existing online promotions in a way that would also bolster their offline campaigns.

When It Comes to Engagement, Archer’s Got Game

Out of the gate, we knew the audience consisted of passionate Philadelphia sports fans seeking expert knowledge and opinions of the Philly sports scene – and the inside track to what’s happening on the court/field, in the locker rooms, and in the front offices. And who better to provide them with such information than CSNPhilly’s on-air personalities?

The goal became clear: refocus the online marketing campaigns associated with the CSNPhilly programming to highlight key on-air personalities. To achieve this, Archer designed a series of rich media banners. Some banners had expandable panels detailing the channel’s various sports programs, and some were equipped with custom data feeds that showed the latest scores and news. We even experimented with In-Video banners that offered a video sampling of recent programming. The result? Users interacted, clicked, and watched more programming. Score!

Creating Buzz Around the Net

But Archer didn’t stop there. To keep users engaged and excitement levels high, we helped develop and promote various contests. One of these contests centered on The Winter Classic, an annual National Hockey League event. Again, we created custom banners, along with a contest landing page that provided contest information, rules, prizes, and entry form.

We also leveraged the impact of social media to get people to share the contest with their friends, which sent the number of entries and level of engagement through the roof (and blew away our client’s expected entries goal).

The effort was such a success, in fact, that Archer later conducted a similar promotion and its sharing tools to engage with Philadelphia Eagles fans.

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