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ATI Online Store
ATI Online Store

Archer Helps ATI Make the Grade

ATI is a leading provider of test preparation materials for nursing students. ATI has a keen understanding of nurse education, training, and certification. Through that understanding, ATI provides its students with a unique integrated approach to test preparation, both in print and online. ATI doesn’t just sell prep materials; they provide their students with an overall learning strategy tailored to their individual goals and needs.

A True Collaboration

Archer teamed with several other vendors to deliver a completely new user experience for ATI students. ATI needed a way to integrate enterprise-level eCommerce, a richer design for their marketing site, and a vastly improved user experience within their online learning modules.

Microsoft built the new learning modules in Silverlight. In addition, a new design for was delivered via the Sitefinity CMS. Archer and our eCommerce partner, Znode, created an eCommerce platform that not only looked the part, but also met ATI’s demanding integration needs. Our solution seamlessly integrates with ATI’s online learning modules and their enterprise CRM and accounting systems.

All of these pieces had to be integrated within one Single Sign-On (SSO). Archer collaborated with all vendors involved to develop an SSO strategy using .NET Membership and Authentication.

High Availability

With such a unique offering and loyal customer base, the new platform has to be available at all times, especially during peak testing times. Archer’s developers and architects worked hand in hand with the ATI team and other vendors to develop a launch plan that meant zero downtime. The team had no problem working late nights and weekends in order to launch without a glitch and just in time for peak use.

ATI Online Store

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