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Archer Helps Armstrong Customers “Swatch” What They Wish For

Armstrong is a global leader in the design and manufacture of flooring, cabinetry, ceiling and floor tiles. Many of the world’s elite office buildings and homes are adorned with custom Armstrong products.

Armstrong partnered with Archer to develop a product configuration tool called Swatch It for its website. The goal was to present Armstrong’s extensive line of products and product combinations so that customers could easily browse, customize, and purchase them.

Archer began by evaluating Armstrong’s three unique audiences: architects, commercial consumers, and residential consumers. What set these audiences apart? What goals and approaches did they have in common? Our findings helped define what product features (e.g., product type, color, DIY level, design, size) were most important to users and informed product categorization and configuration flow.

CMS: Managing Content for a Rapidly Evolving Product Line

Armstrong is always on the forefront of materials and design. Being cutting edge means rapid product line evolution. Armstrong’s internal teams needed a way to update their product data in real time. To achieve this, Archer created a simple but powerful content management system (CMS). In addition to the CMS, Archer integrated Armstrong’s Scene7 and Oracle backend systems to enable the selector tool to automatically scale for new product data.

It was important for the solution to accommodate ‘shoulder to shoulder’ and long-distance collaboration. To achieve this, Archer implemented various sharing options. When the optimal solution is found, simple steps are presented for fulfillment. Detailed specifications output ensures that everything is documented for future reference.

Swatch-It presents a streamlined interface to make sense of Armstrong’s more than 4,500 possible product combinations. Archer turned a daunting task into an intuitive customization and ordering process.

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