Appleton Estate Sip. Up. To Summer Instant Win Game


ConfettiArcher Helps Appleton Estate Facebook Fans Sip. Up.®

After successfully running two sweepstakes on the Appleton Estate Rum USA Facebook page, Appleton Estate was looking for a new way to engage their 48,000+ Fans. Archer developed the Sip. Up. To Summer Instant Win Game, which allowed fans to “shake” a virtual cocktail shaker and see what great prizes Appleton Estate has in store for them this summer.

API, Targeted Ads, and Hot Prizes

Appleton Estate awarded 65 lucky fans with exciting prizes, including an Appleton Estate surfboard, a tailgate grill, and an iPad – everything needed to kick back, Sip. Up.® and enjoy the summer.

Archer’s social media, design, production, and development teams worked together to create an interactive Instant Win Game. The effort included development of an application programming interface (API) that randomly selected game winners over the 11-day entry period.

The game was promoted through Facebook “Like” ads that ran all through the promotion. Ads were targeted to Appleton Estate’s core target market, which includes men aged 25 to 34 and rum enthusiasts. Archer’s social media team monitored the ads’ performance daily and optimized the plan throughout the entry period to run only the ads that were getting the best results and the lowest cost per click.

The Fan base gets an instant boost

Additionally, the Sip. Up. To Summer Instant Win Game experienced record viral Likes, as Fans shared the promotion through various online forums and message boards. The promotion helped increase the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum USA's Facebook Fan base by more than 19,000, and fan engagement continues to grow on a weekly basis.

Who Made it Happen

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