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For the Well-Loved Hosts, a Well-Liked Campaign

Building off the success of its first Facebook promotion, Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum charged Archer to further expand its Facebook fan base and foster engagement within the community. The program was timed to release during the 2011 holiday season, so we needed to position it to stand out at this busy time of year and resonate with the target audience.

A True Holiday Engagement

Inspired by the first “Be a Better Host” promotion, Archer’s creative team proposed a new spin on the hosting theme and developed the “Toast to the Host” sweepstakes and campaign. The promotion aimed to give back to all the gracious and thoughtful hosts that were throwing holiday parties and giving gifts during this time of year. To generate awareness, 25 prizes were “unwrapped” (i.e., announced on the Facebook Page) over the 12-day sweepstakes. This not only encouraged Fans to return to the Appleton Estate Rum USA Page after Liking it, but also drove daily post engagement as excitement built with each unveiling. Prizes targeted the brand’s core demographic and included Ticketmaster gift cards, a Kindle Fire, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, and many other must-have holiday gifts.

To support participation in the promotion, we ran a Facebook ad campaign featuring a mix of prize-specific and general sweepstakes creative variants. Learnings from the first promotion allowed us to hyper-target the ads to key segments and interest groups within Appleton Estate’s core demographic. The highly targeted ads kept cost-per-clicks low, enabling us to maximize the advertising budget. The results were extremely positive, especially considering the clutter of the holiday season. Appleton Estate’s cost-per-new-Like was 50% less than the industry average, while cost-per-clicks for the ads were 20% lower than the first promotion.

Appleton Estate Gets 20,000 Reasons to Celebrate

Overall, Appleton Estate gained more than 20,000 new Likes on its Facebook Page and hundreds of daily engagements during the promotion. As the fan base expands, activity and engagement within the community continue to rise with it – a true sign of a successful promotion.

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