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Having already partnered to develop the successful Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum US website and Facebook community, Appleton Estate and Archer were ready for another project to encourage trial of the brand in a unique way. The idea was to place interactive kiosks, including a custom iPad application, in liquor stores and bars around the country.

Together with Appleton Estate’s brand team, Archer’s user experience, design, and technology teams developed an interactive experience that would appeal to Appleton Estate enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Rich Design and QR Codes for a Lasting Experience

The purpose of the interactive application was to educate consumers about the Appleton Estate story, product lineup, and the best ways to enjoy its premium rums. The app consists of four main sections – Products, Why Sip. Up?®, Cocktails, and Tasting Tips – making it easy for users to quickly navigate to the information.

The “Products” section provides the consumer with the brand’s product lineup. Each individual product page offers information about the product, including flavor notes, how it’s made, and how it’s best enjoyed.

In “Why Sip. Up?®,” users get a glimpse behind the scenes at the Appleton Estate distillery in Jamaica. This section takes users through Appleton Estate’s rich history, the rum-making process, and what sets Appleton Estate apart from its competition.

The "Cocktails" section features Appleton Estate's most popular cocktails and their recipes. To make it easy for users to make the recipes at home, each recipe page includes a QR code that directs to a mobile landing page with the full recipe.

"Tasting Tips" offers helpful instructions and tips on holding an Appleton Estate tasting at home. Again, QR codes were used so consumers could transfer the tasting information to their mobile device for future access.

When developing the app, the team had to consider the challenge of grabbing consumers' attentions in the busy environment of a liquor store or bar. To address this, Archer's creative team used eye-catching imagery and lively colors throughout the application. The team also designed a vibrant screensaver that brings to life the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum US tagline "The Rum That Needs Nothing."

The project was a great opportunity for Archer to partner with the Appleton Estate brand team to develop an informative, user-friendly tablet application that helps supports awareness and trial of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum.

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