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Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate

The Rum That Needed…a Sophisticated Website

Kobrand Corporation, the exclusive U.S. importer of Appleton Estate Jamaican Rums, engaged The Archer Group to develop an entirely new web property to address the U.S. audience.

Wildly popular in Canada and Europe, Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum was largely unknown in the U.S. in 2009. The brand’s U.S. distributor launched a fully integrated marketing campaign to position Appleton Estate as “the rum that needs nothing,” an acclamation that the rum’s unique taste profile is as sophisticated as single malt scotches and small batch bourbons. Archer was charged with bringing this brand position to life through an engaging online presence. Additionally, the client team wanted the ability to easily update content, including cocktail recipes, event recaps, and press.

Taking inspiration from the witty print advertising, which depicted Appleton Estate Reserve “fighting off” mixers, Archer extended the brand online with a content-rich website that encourages visitors to interact with and learn about the brand.

3D With a Splash of Flash

The site opens with one of the print ads brought to life through 3D animation, after which the site’s main navigation Flash-animates onto the screen. The website includes history and product information, a “Cocktails & Cuisine” section that recommends expertly designed recipes, and an “Out & About” section that provides news and events information.

To address the client’s need to make fluid and frequent updates, Archer built the site on a content management system platform. The site also offers videos ported from the brand’s custom YouTube channel, which was created by Archer. Video content includes event recaps and brief “how to” tutorials that teach users professional bartending techniques.

Archer Stirs Up Brand Awareness

The integrated advertising campaign and website continue to build brand awareness in the U.S. While site traffic remains modest at 4,500 visits per month, the site bounce rate is uniquely low at only 16%, indicating that the site actively engages visitors.

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