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Archer Lights the Pilot for AmeriGas’ Digital Ad Campaign

AmeriGasEstablished in 1959, AmeriGas is a propane supplier that provides top-notch propane service to more than 2 million customers in all 50 states. Historically, AmeriGas relied on traditional print advertising to communicate to existing customers and acquire new ones. In an effort to grow its residential segment and increase brand awareness and affinity, AmeriGas partnered with Archer to take its advertising online for the first time.

Archer designed, developed, and launched an online marketing campaign that promoted a rich offer, “Make the Switch to AmeriGas, and get $100 savings.” Archer created and placed media variations that drove to a relevant landing page to continue to the conversation and connect with an Amerigas representative. Archer provided maximum reach to the target audience through publishers like Facebook, Yahoo!,, and

Campaign creative was fun and lighthearted. Creative consisted of indoor heating appliances donning winter accessories – a fireplace with earmuffs, a water heater wrapped in a scarf, and a clothes dryer in an earflap hat. Banner ads communicated unique messages, such as "Bundle Up for the Weather Outside, Not Inside."

Overall campaign results were impressive. The pilot digital campaign successfully drove leads, and the campaign performed on par with the more costly traditional channels.

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