PhilaMade Show & Tell Presentation

PhilaMade 2010

Archer Presents Hoagiefest at PhilaMade Event

PhilaMade is a Philly-based grass-roots organization with a mission similar to Archer’s: gathering passionate creative professionals in one place to share experiences and ideas and help shape the future of digital design and technology.

So when PhilaMade invited Archer to present at the group’s very first Show & Tell event, Todd Miller and Sean Trapani were delighted to get involved.

PhilaMade specifically asked to hear about our work on Wawa Hoagiefest. Todd and Sean showed up ready to discuss everything that made Hoagiefest so memorable and successful – concepting and design, user experience, production and technology, media planning, and more.

It was a perfect opportunity to share what goes on behind the scenes here at Archer to produce great work – and hopefully inspire and learn from our fellow agency peers.

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