Ignite Wilmington

Wilmington's Creative Class Lights Up

In an effort to unite artsy people with techies, Archer hosted the international Ignite event at our offices here in Wilmington. With a format that seems rather like Twitter brought to life, Ignite brings together technical and creative people for a night of rapid-fire presentations, sharing, and laughs. The first of its kind in the state, the event was going to be something special.

Armed with 20 PowerPoint slides each, 18 speakers presented in a structured but swift manner. The slides automatically advanced every 15 seconds, giving the speaker just five minutes to talk passionately and share information about their lives, their work, or things they just plain enjoy.

The presenters covered a wide array of topics, including life in San Francisco during the heyday of the dot-com era, going green with IT, photography, Wilmington architecture, home-brewing beer, and more. Mark Mobley, director of community engagement for the Delaware Symphony Orchestra, joined us as the evening’s master of ceremonies.

Archer decided to organize this event after witnessing it in other cities. “We loved the concept of getting the area’s Creative Class together to share ideas,” explained Lee Mikles, Archer Group CEO. (Richard Florida, Best-selling author on urban studies, coined the term “Creative Class” to represent knowledge-based workers, whom he feels are essential to the revitalization of cities.)

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