Demolition Happy Hour

Demolition Happy Hour

Archer Gets "Hammered"

Archer was growing at a fast rate, and the office space was getting tight. We had to expand.

Plans were approved. Colors and finishes picked. Time to get the construction rolling. Time to get “hammered.”

Archer and Boss Enterprises Construction got together for a unique happy hour – “Archer Gets Hammered.” We drank a few beers, handed out some hard hats, and put the sledgehammers to work.

Holes were created. Drywall went flying. Interesting pictures and phrases were spray-painted on the walls. It was a darn good time.

And since then…

The Archer Group has taken over the third and fourth floors of the building, in addition to the second-floor space it previously occupied, for a total of 10,615 net square feet. That’s plenty of space for us to collaborate, produce great work, have some fun, and continue to grow as a company.

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