The Great Soup Cook-Off

Soup Cook Off 2011

Soup’s On for Another Cook-Off

Temperatures were dropping. Leaves were changing colors. It was mid-autumn, and the end of a busy year was upon us. We were hungry for some healthy in-office competition beyond the usual ping-pong or foosball game. It was time once again for an Archer cook-off! More specifically, a Soup/Stew cook-off.

On the day of the cook-off, several employees showed up with soup in their Crock-Pots and ladles in hands, ready to flaunt their culinary prowess. And they weren’t messing around. We’re talking loaded baked potato soup, spinach tortellini soup, chorizo sausage soup, butternut squash soup, zucchini soup, pumpkin corn chowder, lobster bisque, and cheddar ale soup.

Entrants presented their soups to a panel of six judges, who scored the dishes in six categories: texture, flavor, consistency, spice/taste, aroma, and color/presentation. Awards included Judge’s Award and People’s Choice Award, and there was a first, second, and third prize for both. For People’s Choice, the rest of the staff present that day was able to taste all the soups and weigh in with their vote.

The soups were tasted, and the votes were in. Todd Miller won the Judge’s Award for his lobster bisque, and Kendyl Severino won the People’s Choice Award for her chorizo sausage soup.

But…just like a good bisque, the plot thickens. Ever the office prankster, Todd submitted Wawa’s lobster bisque! To be fair, his first prize went to the second-prize winner, who happened to be the People’s Choice winner. Go Kendyl!

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