Mac & Cheese Cook-off

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We’re the Cheesiest

We have some talented Archers. Gifted artists, brilliant scientists….and hella’good cooks! Around here though, it gets competitive. Don’t dare mention the word “cupcake” in some circles. You may get a beat down.

Well, it’s about the same for the ultimate comfort food, mac ‘n cheese. So we decided to hold the first annual Mac ‘N Cheese Cookoff. (And we smell another in the near future.)

Our resident chefs did not disappoint. There were more than 10 mouth-watering entries to taste. Truffled mac ‘n cheese, lobster mac ‘n cheese, crab mac ‘n cheese, pulled pork mac ‘n cheese, and six-cheese bacon-crusted mac ‘n cheese. Yes, we all fell asleep shortly after the tasting.

Needless to say, the judges had a difficult time deciding whose recipe was the most delicious, but ultimately they picked a winner – our intern Denee. She cooks a mean crab mac.

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