Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck

Archer Screams for Ice Cream!

Over the past year we’ve hired about 10 people. We love interviewing. You meet new people, get to know their history, and hear about their passion. We take the interview process very seriously. It is a crucial part of a growing agency and making sure you always find the right fit.

When you finally decide to hire a candidate you want to make that experience special. The offer letter is 99% boilerplate, but once in a while you want to add a bit of personalization to push it over the top. Well, friends, be careful. That part can get you in trouble – or at the very least make you rent an ice cream truck.

We made a mistake. A small one, but one hell of a funny one. At some point we altered our boilerplate offer letter to really add that “special touch” for a candidate we really wanted as part of the team:

“We look forward to you joining The Archer Group. Upon acceptance, I will do everything in my power to get you that ice cream and or magician. We aim to please at Archer.”

Yeah, magicians and ice cream. Funny, huh? Well guess what, we forgot to change that boilerplate back. And that line went out to a majority of our new hires. Now that’s a typo!

Mind you, no one ever said anything or pointed it out until one of our interns spotted it.

Lucky for everyone here at the time, Archer makes good on our promises…

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