Annual Archer Friends & Family Picnic


Archer Has a Picnic in the Park

Traditions are important, and Archer’s Annual Friends & Family Picnic is one of our favorites. Once a year, we all break away from the office to gather at a local state park to enjoy food, beer, games, and lots of laughs.

There are a couple things we can count on when we all get together for fun and team bonding: food and competition. An impressive number of employees bring delicious homemade food, from salads and dips, to cookies and cupcakes. And it’s never long before most of us are showing off our best horseshoe, football, and ladder ball skills.

Friends and family are welcome to join the fun, too. After all, they give their love and support to our hard-working employees all year long, and we think that deserves a reward! It also gives us all a chance to meet each other’s loved ones and share our work stories, experiences, and overall culture with them.

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