Archer shows ITG’s lighter side

ITG Lighter Side

Microsite lets investment pros find their “Popside”

WILMINGTON — Even with the financial markets recovering, it isn’t always easy to find something to smile about on Wall Street.

But the Archer Group, the Delaware Valley’s fastest-growing interactive marketing firm, in a project for the Investment Technology Group (ITG, Inc.), has found a way to make investment professionals show the lighter side of their personalities.

Building on the pop art style used in the New York-based independent agency research broker’s new advertising campaign, the Archer Group developed “Create Your Popside” an online micro-site/utility that lets users upload a photo of themselves (or anything else), add a humorous caption and have it stylized in pop art form.

With only grassroots marketing, the micro-site drew enough interest from web surfers to attract nearly 30,000 votes in its “Create Your Popside” competition. The contest winner has been awarded an Apple iPad. The Archer Group is now updating the micro-site to focus on the contest winner and drive a larger audience to the gallery of entrants.

“Many of ITG’s clients are busy portfolio managers who work in a stressful environment. ITG asked us to develop an interactive mechanism that would strengthen their brand while giving their clients and prospective clients the opportunity to take a break, have some fun and share the results with their friends and business colleagues,” said Lee Mikles, founder and CEO of the Archer Group.

The microsite’s name, “Create Your Popside,” parallels ITG’s marketing message, “Building the New Buyside,” and its execution builds on the Archer Group’s previous success with “Hoagieman,” an easy-to-embellish interactive character created to promote hoagie sandwiches sold by the Wawa convenience stores.

“We take pride in our work for clients in the financial services industry, and enjoyed the challenge of helping ITG strengthen its brand by building a more personal relationship with its clients,” Mikles said.

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