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Engage Your Brand

‘Engage Your Brand’ offers advice, case histories

There’s no disputing that social media are revolutionizing the way people communicate, and social marketing is causing a major shift in how brands interact with consumers.

Lee Mikles and Patrick Callahan, co-founders of the fast-growing digital marketing agency The Archer Group, have written “Engage Your Brand: How Smart Companies Are Using Social Marketing to Drive Their Businesses Forward,” a guide for business marketers on how to make the most of the social media phenomenon without falling prey to its pitfalls.

The book, which will sell for $20.95, will be released March 31.

Having developed successful social marketing campaigns for brands in diverse industries, including JPMorgan Chase, Wawa and W.L. Gore & Co., “we thought it was important to take those successes, those strategies, and show others how to do it,” Mikles says. “This is a rapidly changing landscape, but marketers can employ the strategies on almost any social media platform.”

The key difference between traditional marketing and social marketing, Mikles and Callahan say, is that traditional marketing relies on crafting a message and beaming it out to consumers as frequently as possible — “beating them over the head in 30-second intervals” — while social marketing creates a dialog — “a bonfire of conversation” — by interacting with consumers, paying close attention to their likes and needs.

While anyone interested in social media will find the book interesting, the authors say they’ve written primarily for marketing executives who work with consumer brands. “We want to give them the confidence, give them the tools,” Mikles says. “Interacting with consumers through social marketing can appear daunting. It is new, so we wanted to share with marketers how other companies have successfully taken their brands into the exciting social world.”

After marketers take their first steps, they’ll quickly see the power of social media, Callahan predicts. “They’ll have the opportunity to have conversations with millions of people — both loyal fans and casual users — and get immediate, unfiltered feedback,” he says. “They can introduce new products and know immediately whether it’s working. Feedback is faster and more authentic.”

Even with the rise of social media, there remains a place for traditional media in most marketing plans, Mikles says. “There’s not a single medium that has disappeared as a result of a new one. We still have AM radio, we still have newspapers, television. Everyone finds a niche and continues to adapt. All of these media have value. The key for a marketer is to adapt the overall marketing goals to the new mediums, Engage Your Brand will show marketers how to do this.”

Early feedback on Engage Your Brand has been very positive. John Jantsch, author of the bestselling business book, Duct Tape Marketing, asserts: "Your customers and prospects may just demand that you read this book."

“Engage Your Brand” will be available in paperback and an electronic version at For more information on the book, go to

About the authors

Lee Mikles, co-founder and CEO of The Archer Group, has earned Electrical Engineering and MBA degrees from the University of Delaware, where he teaches internet marketing as an adjunct professor in the Alfred Lerner School of Business. His perspectives on digital marketing have been featured in Advertising Age, The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets.

Patrick Callahan, co-founder and CEO of The Archer Group, is a graduate of Drexel University and the Widener University School of Law. He focuses on harnessing innovation into repeatable processes, a skill he developed in setting up Accenture’s legendary Infocosm section in Philadelphia.

About The Archer Group

The Archer Group is the Delaware Valley’s fastest growing full-service digital agency, offering regional brands a single integrated partner for digital marketing solutions. The unique integration of creative, technical, and user experience professionals enables Archer to create a wide range of offerings that includes: website development, mobile application creation, online advertising, and social media solutions.

Founded in 2003, the Archer Group has received numerous regional and international awards for interactive marketing excellence. It was featured in the 2009 “Philadelphia 100” list of the region’s fastest growing companies and Inc. magazine’s 2008 list of the nation’s fastest growing companies. The company is based in Wilmington, Delaware’s Lower Market Design District (LOMA).

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