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The Archer approach starts by laying a good foundation, earning trust, and getting on the same page with our clients. Never working in a vacuum, we believe that great ideas come from great relationships, and we work hard to build and sustain successful partnerships with our clients. Getting to know their organization, their challenges, their customers and their competition allows us to create business results that often surpass expectations.
We're rockin' and rollin'. This baby is launched. We're happy with the results, and our client is, too. But we don't just sit back and relax. There is always something to evaluate, fine-tune, and optimize. We're in this partnership for the long haul, continually working to delight customers with our ongoing care, passion, and results of our work.
Project goals and target audiences are explored and established during our research phase. We strive to answer the following key questions: What are we building? Why are we building it? How does it map to our clients' and their customers' goals? Most important, what does the client need and expect? Many times we're expected to build a balloon when the real need is a plane or a rocket. Solid research leads to intelligent decisions, which help ensure that our clients end up with the right solution to fit their customers' needs.
With the client's needs gathered, we now enter the planning phase and start laying the foundation for success. Most solutions span multiple channels, technologies, and distribution needs. For example, any one project could fuse a little app development with some social. Throw in mobile development, some online marketing, and search to get people there, and you have a great product just waiting to take off. We pull our cross-discipline team together and create a plan for the project.
With teams and timelines set, we're eager to lift off. Our team leads determine the strategy for their team's role in the project and collaborate on how each team's efforts fit together in the overall project strategy. User experience (UX) and measurement goals are established, the quality assurance (QA) testing plan is set, and our approach toward design and development is put in place. Our clients are excited to see the path we're taking and a clearer picture of where it will all lead.
Interfaces are sketched, wireframes created, prototypes designed and tested. Colors, layouts, fonts, and other key design elements are critiqued and presented. Technical specifications and requirements are established. The project is taking shape, and now needs an identity. During the design phase, our art designers and UX experts collaborate on the best way to visually represent the product and craft a final design.
Everything looks great, but will it work? Absolutely! Our tech experts have been involved throughout the process, so they already have a clear understanding of the task at hand. We've chosen the appropriate technologies and partnered with the client to ensure integration success. Most projects are a culmination of many teams and vendors working in tandem, so it's common to piece together different systems, servers, and application programming interfaces.
We strive for quality and accuracy throughout the project life cycle, but it really comes into play once design and build have wrapped. Test plans check that functional and design specifications are met, and issues are logged for resolution. The goal is an error-free experience that our clients are proud to offer their customers – and that their customers are eager to share with others.
The day is here, and we're ready for countdown to liftoff. The team and client have all reviewed and approved. We've made our final tweaks. We're ready to launch our new creation and share it with the world. We do one more preflight check to make sure analytics are in place, distribution is set, and there's a plan to tout our newest creation. 3-2-1...BLASTOFF!
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