Marketers – Share the Cloud in your Apps!

Christmas had a very electronic feel this year in our house. We are now up to our elbows in ipads, nooks and other electronics. Our wireless router played Santa, handing out new IP addresses to everyone’s new device. Our outlets played scrooge, with every outlet in range of the tree jammed with little white power bricks.

From the chatter, I was not alone in my electronic device christmas. Families are quickly becoming multi-device households, and marketers should be taking note. While these devices are meant for individual users, they are increasingly being used socially with other devices.

Multiple users – one account

My wife and I installed the magnificent Food Network’s recipe app and found plenty of recipes to try. To share the recipes we had to ‘hack the system’ and log in under one shared email address. It would be great if we could log in individually but link the two accounts. Marketers will be missing out on opportunities to further personalize conversations with consumers if consumers must increasingly group up to share.

Encourage sharing without email

The ‘tell a friend’ option has long been a standard for sites to encourage sharing via email. Sharing via FB, Twitter and other social networks is also quickly becoming standard. But why should you force a consumer to leave your brand to get it. Marketers should look for ways to increase the value of their installed base by allowing apps to talk to one another.

Put the conversation in the app

Allowing two people to share is one thing, but capturing their conversations as well, that’s marketing gold! Apps need to encourage conversations that aren’t public to the world, such as twitter to happen in the app. Share a radio station on pandora and comment to a close network of friends on songs, or even jointly tuning the channel. There is an opportunity for brands to listen and learn from conversations between a close network of friends or family sharing an app.

The future will certainly see more people with more powerful devices in their hands. Brands should recognize that these closed networks exist and then develop apps find wants to drop the brands in the middle of these conversations.

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