What can Korean BBQ tell you about delivering value

Kogi Korean Barbeque may have the best tacos in LA, if not the world, but don’t expect to enjoy them sitting down, unless you bring your own table and chair. Kogi operates 4 taco trucks that move around the city to serve their loyal crowd. While travelling taco trucks may seem like a reach for social marketing, Kogi adeptly uses Twitter to deliver value to thousands of potential customers, all without giving away a single Kimchi Melt.

Kogi tweets the locations of their lunch trucks (and their driver’s names) every day, letting loyalists know where they can scoop up some of Kogi’s tasty tacos. Additional tweets highlight unique items, short supply items or even the locations of LA’s infamous traffic delays. With over 50,000 followers on Twitter, these tweets keep Kogi top of mind for lunch plans, and deliver value through social marketing.

When you think about what value means to a consumer, you might assume coupons or special savings are what they crave. But really, value may have nothing to do with money. Try to think of value in terms of a good conversation. Good conversations tend to be informative, entertaining, and interactive. The value of a conversation is quantifiable only by you, and the same is true with Social Marketing interactions. Value is user defined.

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