Is Mobile Part of Your Social Strategy?

Every morning, our family gets out of bed and goes through their normal ritual. Step 1: grab your iPhone and check into FourSquare, Step 2: turn the alarm off. You see, between my son, my daughter, my wife, and I – there is a battle over who will be mayor of the household. This is just a little representative of what’s going on outside our house.

This past week, the New York Times posted an article that pointed out that more people have access to a mobile device than to a clean toilet. Forget one laptop for one child – they’ve already got everything they need.

So what does this mean to clients who have begun developing a social media marketing strategy? Firstly – you’re late, and second – don’t forget that mobile needs to be a big part of your strategy. Here are a few considerations if and when you decide to integrate mobile into your social campaign:

  • Mobile is simple – the learning curve is low. As a result, more people will be on it, including perhaps, you’re 10-year-old son. With the iPad rollout (which is semi-mobile) even a three year old is getting the hang of how to use these devices.
  • Mobile is always on. Always.
  • Mobile is a much more personal device. This means that the greater the intrusion – the greater the probability that your application will not be utilized. Give utility to your efforts – make sure they ad value.
  • Mobile is much more likely in use in a social setting such as a bar – than a computer or other device. Take for example FourSquare: no desktop version of that!
  • There are many forms of communication on mobile (i.e. texting, email, video, web, games, etc.) than you would traditionally see on a computer.
  • Marketers have a higher probability of reaching an individual in a captive environment (think train, elevator, or just pure boredom).

Other distinctions have various levels of impact, but should be identified as it relates to your product or service.

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